Look Who\'s Walking Now
Look Who’s Walking Now and Founder Jim Edwards

"FINALLY a competent, responsible, normal person who loves dogs as much as I do. Whenever I leave my Mosely with Jim he doesn't seem as excited to see me when I get back but I'm so happy he's in such good hands when I'm gone!"

Lisa F.

"Jim Edwards and Look Who's Walking Now have done a great job taking care of our dog Mickey whenever we go on vacations or if we just want Mickey to get in a few walks. I would highly recommend Jim if you are looking for the best possible care for your dog."

Steve Swartz

"I've known Jim for a long time. I've never seen anyone who is as good with animals as he is. We are so happy when we leave Mac with Jim, she absolutely adores him."

Kelly M.

"The people from Look Who's Walking Now always take great care of Crom!"

The O'donnell family

"When I first met Jim many years ago he had his dog with him, I could feel the love he had for that dog. I know he loves all animals and is dedicated to them as he is to his comedy. They’ll always be in good hands with Jim and all the people who work for him."

Jay Leno

"Bubu is very picky about who she spends time with and she loves spending time with the devoted animal lovers of Look Who's Walking Now."

Mia and Alex Halbur

"If there was ever anyone perfect for this, its Jimmy. He talks to every dog he sees, I think they may actually understand him."

Jerry Seinfeld

"Max and Sadie Rose are very special to my wife, Barbara and I. There is nobody we trust more than Look Who's Walking Now to take care of them."

Robert Wuhl