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In remembrance of “Big Al” November 24th, 1999 -November 28th, 2012 by Jim Edwards

bigal They can never replace but they can repair, and boy oh boy did Big AL repair me. Three years before I got him I put my beloved yellow lab, Jason to sleep, and it took me that long to decide I was ready. It was the best decision I ever made, and meeting the entire Welle family was a gift from above. They told me exactly how he would turn out when I first saw him with his litter mates, smart, funny, annoying, stubborn, would stop and sniff everything and everyone, and would bother everyone he met for food, and they were oh so prophetic! He was a rarity in this world but not among labs, incredibly handsome and equally beautiful inside. He lasted through all my girlfriends, many of whom found it harder to leave him than me. He was a sweet, gentle soul who kept my lonely moments from being too lonely, he was my anti-depressant and my best friend.

I am a comedian and a writer and keep late hours and never like getting up early but for the last 13 years he would prance into my room or roll over in the bed and get me up every morning without fail by 7am to feed him and I loved it every single day! I will miss it beyond words. Often independent in his old age I knew when his time came we would be inseparable, in his last week he wouldn’t let me out of his sight or leave my side and I knew he was dying. He died with his senses, his wits about him, his incomparable kindness and his incredible appetite, eating ice cream out of my hands while I held him in my arms. I always called him my sweet man, and those were my last words to him as he went to sleep forever: “my sweet man, goodbye my sweet man.”.

Jim and Al